Black Spruce works with clients to generate ideas and solutions for merger and acquisition opportunities. Our advisory solutions also offer unique consulting services in restructuring business models, and improving company valuation. Our principals offer strategic and tactical consultation globally and can assist your company on both offensive and defensive situations, proxies, partnerships, privatization, recapitalization, and joint ventures.



Leveraging our independence we seek to match sell-side clients with the right high quality potential buyers to ensure successful transactions. Black Spruce provides its clients with an array of services from realistic company valuations and strategic positioning, to due diligence coordination and leadership in contract negotiations. Acting for target companies, special board committees or selling shareholders, Black Spruce works hard to assure maximum valuation for our clients and to manage efficient sale processes to reduce the burden for our clients. We emphasize the long-term implications of a sale and understand the need to find the right fit in terms of business strategy and culture.



The right acquisition targets are often “bought” not “sold”. We strongly believe that companies should understand the complete, competitive environment when making an acquisition and not simply consider a particular target simply because they happen to be for sale.

Advice to our buy-side clients is very strategic in nature. We give thoughtful, honest advice even if that means a particular deal does not get done. We work hard to get to know the important companies and management teams in our targeted industry sectors and believe that this knowledge is invaluable to our clients as they assess the attractiveness of, and appropriate valuation for, a particular acquisition candidate. Finally, we draw upon our global network of relationships in the energy industry to make sure we offer our clients with the most current and best available opportunities.



Black Spruce is well qualified to assist clients on merger transactions given the long experience of our partners and professionals, an assurance of total discretion and a lack of conflicting interests.



Various advisory work that we undertake does not fit a conventional “transaction” definition. We believe that Black Spruce’s independence, experience, expertise and discretion positions us well for these types of assignments.  These services include but are not limited to, Related Party Transactions & Go-Private Transactions.



Black Spruce provides independent, conflict-free valuation & fairness opinion services to both private and public companies as part of the due diligence of the Board of Directors or of the Special Committee delegated responsibility for the review and negotiation of a transaction.

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